Call To Action

Please Act: Our ability to open camp this summer solely rests on the elected officials of the Teaneck Board of Education.

We have been fielding your countless calls and emails about the social and psychological importance of camp this summer – now more than ever before. At this point in time, we need YOUR HELP and the VOICE of LOCAL PARENTS must be heard to support our children. Please take a moment and reach out to our elected Teaneck BOE officials and tell them that they should allow Camp Shalom to open this summer in Benjamin Franklin because:

  • Governor Murphy and his administration have advocated and now approved opening of youth camps, school summer programs and day care.
  • For the local economy to open and flourish, parents need their children in camps and other summer programs. Many camps have already closed and many children have no formal daily programing options.
  • As we mentioned in our previous communications, for several months we have been working closely with the Township of Teaneck, New Jersey Camps Government Affairs Group, American Camping Association and the leadership of other local camps.  We have obtained and reviewed the updated camp guidelines from the NJ Department of Health.  We strongly believe we can meet and or exceed all of these guidelines to provide an enhanced safe and fun program for community children. We further believe that our enhanced summer operations will actively contribute and help inform the Teaneck district’s opening plans for the fall – almost as a formidable “proof of  concept.”
  • Safety protocols can be effectively implemented throughout the summer.
  • Child social and psychological needs are of utmost importance and a summer camp experience is needed to help forge past the last several months of sheltering in place.
  • Last summer we established a great working relationship with Teaneck Superintendent Dr. Irving and his leadership team. Collectively, we have laid the ground for many years of continued collaboration for the betterment of local youth.

Please also consider attending the BOE meeting tomorrow, June 10th at 7PM (Zoom information is listed below.)

Contact information for our elected Teaneck BOE officials is listed below.

Name Position Term Telephone
Dr. Ardie Walser President 2018-2020 (201) 287-1234
Clara Williams Vice President 2018-2020 (201) 965-0072
Linda Burns Trustee 2020-2022 (201) 446-5442
Victoria Fisher Trustee 2019-2021 (201) 522-4557
Sarah Rappoport Trustee 2019-2021 (201) 638-4716
Gerald Reiner Trustee 2019-2021 (201) 669-1601
Sebastian Rodriguez Trustee 2020-2022 (917) 513-9213
Howard Rose Trustee 2018-2020 (201) 836-5500
Denise Sanders Trustee 2020-2022 (201) 682-6763

Board Workshop Meeting June 10, 2020
The meeting will take place virtually at 7pm.
Please click this link to join the webinar:

For more information including a call-in phone number: